Sudamericana: Nazca-senpai, please be gentle… *shivers*
Nazca: I can’t. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment…. *thrust vigorously*
Sudamericana: Ahhh… Senpaaaai~!

– How chilean earthquakes happen (via musturbatory) Via Beyond The Forest



jaimetorovega Jaime Toro Vega @jaimetorovega         00:30 03/08/2014 
RT @jdsnmartin: #MaratonETC arbitro maldito le cobro foul a hanamichi!!! Tremenda clavada!! Slam dunk!!
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fabian_mesis Fabian Mesías @fabian_mesis         00:30 03/08/2014 
Slam dunk en #maratonetc que mejor
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Robertikoo26 #ModoBullanguero @Robertikoo26         00:30 03/08/2014 
#MaratonETC cooperaste shoyo jajajajajja
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Vedettojuridico Vedetto Juridíco ® @Vedettojuridico         00:30 03/08/2014 
Hisashi Mitsui El jugador más valioso de la Preparatoria Takeishi // Un Crack!!! #MaratonETC
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Cosas que uno se pierde por no usar Twitter. Que manera de sufrir y acompañar en su dolor a Mitsui
Via Tymdechi - Tweets y Memes



In which Dís is fed up with idiots and fighting and decides to do something about it, saving the day with her awesomeness and now everyone can go home.

i really hope this happens because that would be amazing 

Via Beyond The Forest

Soy la única más interesada en la competencia que en el trailer?

Enserio gente, un viaje a NZ! No pueden decirme que no les importa


Netherlands 3 - Brazil 0

The host nation’s campaign ends in misery and the Netherlands pick up a medal.

El protagonista de esta emotiva imagen, le regalo a una alemana una replica del trofeo y le dijo “ustedes lo merecen”.

El querido tío Eulogio







her dress changes color to that of your blog

this is lovely

she has a snowflake patterned dress this is great


omg it really does change o.o

I had to see

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